Strangely it all started long before we ever knew it was coming...  The four partners each following their own journeys from developing the retail design team for one of the largest national design agencies (WD Partners),  driving the retail strategy for America’s largest fragrant body care collection (Bath & Body Works),  starting up 3D/VR departments at two key retail design agencies (WD Partners & Chute Gerdeman), at the forefront of digital programming, and photography with drone technology.  

Then in early 2019, driven by a friend of a friend, all four partners with diverse skillsets were brought together to solve and build new retail applications for one of the world’s largest retailers.  Out of this project, and a long drive across the Midwest, a new team of problem solvers and friendships was born creating Verge Extended Realities.  

The journey is just beginning to inspire and create new and faster ways to retail in today’s competitive world.